Welcome to PALM-TEXTILES SA, a group of companies specializing in manufacturing and exporting of ready made garments (ladies’ & men’s) mostly in Europe.


A very special member of our group is our knitting house, which is fully equipped with latest technology’s machinery, certified by ISO 9001 and perfectly qualified personnel and this gives us the chance to knit almost any kind of fabric and the luxury to experiment on new knitting designs and new fabrics.

You choose or suggest us your designs, we study, create what you need, you approve, we produce.


Our designing department (modelist & patronist) creates and offers intergrated collections made especially for each season, under the fashion trends, but always adjusted according the needs of our customers.

The production process, starting with the fabric, to the ready packed product, is conducted always under strict control at all stages and meets all the requirements and standards of European Union. The result is a perfectly finished product friendly to the environment and consumers.